New pink short nails


So I took the acrylic off my nails, and they are super short, I was nervous about getting a design, thought it would look funny being so short. But I love this fade glitter it really perks up a short nail!!!

I have a pink gel with a gold glitter fade

I went to

Polished salon- Tammy in Las Vegas


nails- white diamond fade

Today I got my nails done, and they are absolutely gorgeous. It is an acrylic base, with gel on top. Clear with a white fade, and white diamond fade gel on top. I love them, Im loving the fade right now I like that is looks so natural. I feel like I just dipped my fingers in diamonds. SO SPARKLY!!

I went to Polish salon it is off of rainbow, if you are in the Vegas area, such a cute salon, they just did an expansion. It is also the salon Coco (Ice-T’s wife) went to while she had her show in town